Online Advertising-Effective Promotion.

Online Advertising-Effective Promotion.

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It’s Good To Feel Used!

The internet has opened up an expansive media for businesses to advertise their products and services. The effectiveness of this form of promotion is evidenced in the rise and rise of its use!

The UK became the first major economy in which investment in internet advertising surpassed that of marketing on television (IAB). In the first six months of last year, 1.75 billion pounds was pumped into mainly search advertising on web sites. In only a decade the web has entwined advertisers’ money to a greater level than forty years of television had built up.

The entrepreneurial nature of business does allow for some speculation with its promotional dollars, but this phenomenal rise in investment illustrates the effectiveness of this global market place.

For advertising to be effective it needs to lodge itself in the minds of the target audience. Stick in their heads! Television ads are seen and gone; now you see it, now you don’t!  Newspapers and other throw-away forms of promotional media are useful but can be “hit and miss” with their short shelf-life as are brochures and pamphlets;  the cost of letterbox drops may not be recouped in additional sales.

The internet allows businesses to link people to their products over and over again. Online Advertising that stays around to get used. More than it being comparatively new or novel, it is accessible any time to the consumer. Cost-effective, the nature of the ‘net allows extended exposure to an expansive world-wide audience, illustrating the old adage-the longer it stays up, the better!

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