Not Tonight, Dear!!!

Not Tonight, Dear!!!

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Late night tv has been smeared all over with sex! Laughably phoney sexual content gushes forth from ad after ad, as questionable advertisers spruke for the dollars of gullible viewers, enticing them into pseudo sex through their mobile phones. Fake tans compete with fake accents to grab those bucks.

It’s not being prudish to expect quality advertising. Marketing that does not make you cringe with it’s caracature of lust and credibility!

Tv free-to-air stations have hijacked their audiences by slotting slabs of this slippery marketing within far less questionable shows. Unlike magazines or the internet where the consumer chooses to access such sloppy advertising, tv viewers have their hands tied. You don’t know it’s coming!

Channel flicking becomes a necessity not a whim.  All too much of a bad thing!  “Tacky Tracy’s (Phoney) Fantasies” do not tickle mine!  So not tonight dear tv programmers…I really DO have a headache!!

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