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Advertising is a process. It is ultimately designed to attempt to communicate a message from a manufacturer to a consumer. It is one method used to promote goods or services, and is therefore part of a marketing strategy.

Advertising is comprised of many elements. The importance placed on each element depends on the objectives of the marketing campaign, and so these are variable, according to, amongst other factors, the importance that advertising plays in the promotion of an item. For example, if the service, product, or even just the brand name is well-established, then the advertising does not have to work as hard to convince potential customers. The promotion of new products though may require more intensive saturation of the target market, to sway potential new customers.

Considerations In Advertising

In order to be most effective, a marketing campaign needs to consider the following strategy elements in its advertisements.

-the place that the advertising is presented will help to determine how effective it is, in attempting to best reach the target audience. Factors include demographics, the income of target consumers, and their age, gender and culture. Know your customers!

-the product-if the product is in a competitive market, then the comparative appeal needs to be emphasised. If it is a general product, when competition is not as strong, description centres on its appeal and benefits.

-price-pricing strategy puts forth the comparative benefits of the product’s price structure as compared to its competition, in order to ‘sell’ it to consumers.

The advertisement is a part of the methods used to meet the objective of marketing a good or service to a target audience. It is the means by which this objective is met. The method of advertising needs then be considered from such areas as on-line, (cost per click, google SEO. banners etc), television, or printed media (newspapers, magazines, brochures), in order to be most effective. Some forms offer a more mass effect, or more easy access, brand development, budget options, or website development. Ultimately, the purpose of the marketing, budgeting constraints and obligations to the manufacturer serve to determine which type is likely to be the most beneficial to use.

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