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How do you get your website noticed in today's competitive online environment? It seems that links to your website from related sites still gets results.

One way to achieve this without spending a fortune is to add your URL to website directories. Not just any directories of course. You want to list in the ones trusted by Google. A couple of simple ways to determine whether a business directory is reputable is to check the page rank, not only the home page PR but also the deeper categories. Another sign of a quality site is whether your content submission is held for moderation.

All quality directories inspect every listing to determine if the site passes its guidelines and is allowed. Often the listing you submit will look completely different after it has been moderated. In most cases, if the submission isn't up to standard it is simply deleted.

What is a website directory?
Sometimes known as Internet directories or hyperlink directories, web directories classify and connect to other websites on the web. A web directory isn't a search engine, although some website directories include research features. Instead of displaying lists of website results predicated on keywords, the main element function of an internet directory would be to categorise and list internet sites based either on this content of the web page or the positioning of the entity that the web page represents. To give a good example, an internet site for a Marketing business in Melbourne, Australia may be shown in the marketing category, or sub categorised based on the specific kind of marketing produced, or it may be listed in a class for Melbourne, Australia. Some web web directories may list the website both topically and regionally.

What is the goal of a Web Directory?

The reasons for an internet directory are usually two-fold. Their initial purposes were to aid Internet users to find what they were searching for on the Web, which is still true. The secondary reason for an internet directory has, to a big extent, end up being the primary purpose for most today, which is to provide a way to obtain back links to aid site owners in obtaining good location for his or her site in search engines, such as Google or Bing.

Web Browsing

With the enhancement of internet search engine technology in the last several years, a lot less people are embracing web directories if they are searching for something on the web. Most will choose to simply enter keyword right into a search engine. However, some individuals do continue to utilise them for their original objective, myself being one of these. Se's change their algorithms every once in awhile and often, throughout a transition, serp's are significantly less than helpful. On such events, especially, I frequently turn to a trusted web directory. I discover that I do this frequently when I am searching for something in a specific geographical place, and generally after I have previously conducted an explore on a search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation

Today, the largest advantage of internet directory listings are they lend an advantage search engine placement. Unlike all the propaganda, nothing Google did has adversely affected the worthiness of a web link in an established web directory. Whenever your internet site is listed and properly categorised in any of the top directories, this can lend credibility to the web page, and any keywords or phrases found in the title or explanation of the website may assist the internet search engine in properly classifying the web page in its serp's. In other words, an excellent listing in any of the best web directories can help your website rank higher for queries that utilize the same keywords and key phrases that were used to describe your website in an internet directory listing.

In that manner, even though your online site may receive several direct visits from the website directory, the listing does lead to your website placing you higher in the results on Search engines, Bing, Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo, leading to indirect traffic to your site. However, listings in badly managed directories could possibly harm your internet search engine placement.