Oh, Grow Up!

Oh, Grow Up!

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It’s hard growing up, even harder for some, and seemingly impossible for others! But when IS someone no longer a child? Why are there so many different indicators of youth lost, of when a child should be seen as an “adult”?

Under the law, society has declared you’re “all growed up” at 18 years old, but yet don’t “Come of Age” till 21. You’re deemed to be sensible enough, though, to be in charge of a potentially lethal motor vehicle  at 18, 17 in some states. If it’s a business that is defining when you’ve gotten your long pants, then you’ve hit the big world at 12, for example, if you’re wanting the fun of a theme park (concessions aside) or to stay in a motel. It seems some businesses will scrape full payments from those as young as they can in their definition of when a child can pay as an adult, squeezing every cent from parents trying to give their children exciting childhood experiences. Why should a 12 year old be paying the same as an adult when the legal working age is deemed to be 14? Financial independence can be a little hard to come by! However, to cover your health, you may be able to stay under your parents’ wing till you’re 25! Some hairdressers have a novel approach whereby you pay according to your age. Great news if you look younger than you are! So confusing for kids without a set benchmark of when the coolness of adulthood sets in!

So when your little child peers up at you with those inquisitive eyes and asks “Mummy, what will I be when I grow up”? before you can answer you need to clarify with them, if that is in reference to the legal definition, the RTA age requirements, or perhaps one of the myriad of businesses’ points of maturity. No wonder puberty is confusing!

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