Internet Marketing-Understanding The Language.

Internet Marketing-Understanding The Language.

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The internet is a language unto itself. There are many terms and acronyms that are unique to this form of marketing. Becoming familiar with them helps to know best how to use online advertising effectively. Some of those terms which are useful to know include:

Above The Fold--the portion of a web page that is first visible without scrolling down. Ads placed in this area are more costly, but also are more visible.

Affiliate marketing--wherein a web site (affiliate) is paid on a pro rata, or percentage of revenue raised, basis by an advertiser for displaying ads.

Blog--an abbreviation of ‘web log’ within which a ‘blogger’ frequently adds updates and articles, in an informal writing style, and to which the reading public is encouraged to interact.

B2B--‘business to business’.

B2C--‘business to consumer’.

Clickthrough--occurs when a consumer clicks on an ad, thereby being redirected to an advertiser’s site.

CPC--‘cost per click’-whereby advertisers are charged by the number of times site visitors click on each of their ads.

Interstitial Ad--an ad that appears on a separate page, before the user is directed to their requested page.

Monetize--the process of converting the traffic of users to a site into money, for example, through affiliate advertising.

Pop-Under Ads-ads that appear in a separate browser window and only appears after the current window is closed.

SERP--‘Search Engine Results Page’-pages of short excerpts, which are called up when a user requests a search in a search engine, each relating to the initial query.

Stickiness--a measure of how long each visitor stays on a web site, and so indicates the level of relevance or attraction each site has.

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