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Fitted with plush, comfier chairs, fresh carpets, 7 state-of-the-artwork cinemas with wall-to-wall displays, stadium seating, digital audio and an elegant bar area where one can meet, enjoy a beverage and a chat.
The Kino Cinemas proceeds to provide Melbourne the best collection of local and international films and documentaries. Over summer and winter we present film event programs, retrospectives and specific events such as for example premieres, discussion boards and Q&A’s.
If you are a lover of good films or perhaps a dedicated art-house cinema goer after that you’ll enjoy Kino Cinemas.
Fully-Licensed Wine & Espresso Bar
Enjoy fresh high quality Lavazza coffee made by our encounters baristas or pick from a great selection of food and beverages including local and worldwide premium wines & beer, handmade Connoisseur choc tops, healthy choice snacks cooked in essential olive oil and more.

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Country: Australia
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Address: 45 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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