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We are Malta`s leading real estate company.We specialise in homes for sale.Our real estate website also offers opportunity for luxury property investment in Malta.
HOQ is a professional estate company forming part of the Frank Salt PROPERTY Team est. 1968. Whilst Frank Salt PROPERTY is operationally positioned to serve the nationwide market and is among the largest real estate organizations in Malta, HOQ includes a different value proposition and is in place to serve a far more focused customer segment on the market.

Homes of Quality, handled by Grahame Salt, has been founded in 2001 to provide an individual service to customers wiHomes Of Quality group
to get or sell quality. Actually, the HOQ property data source will be dissimilar from that of its mother company which prides itself in having among the largest databases on the island. For example, you are in the same way likely to look for a Palazzo or perhaps a Villa with country sights, as you are to locate a compact but smartly designed studio right in a city center. The price obviously will change significantly but you will see one common element- all HOQ listed qualities are of the best quality. We don’t mean expensive or high-class but something truly outstanding that exceeds other comparable properties available.

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