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Whether the issue will be incessant barking, separation stress, jumping up at guests or other things, we can assist you to work with your dog and recognize each other’s signals. We do not condone using shock collars, check-chains or any uses of negative training as it could harm the procedure and lay an unhealthy foundation for the relationship. Alternatively, we use techniques such as for example operant and classical conditioning that’s supported by research and used in combination with animals worldwide.

If your 4 legged companion suffers from anxiety problems, an intense temperament or other things that could affect our coaching, we shall customise training classes for the dog in a manner that supplies the ideal atmosphere for good learning. To make sure we can design an application to the very best of our ability, you can expect a free of charge INITIAL APPOINTMENT for canine training any place in the Redcliffe, Brisbane and North Brisbane area to assess behaviour to supply a basis that we can commence.

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