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No matter what time of year it is, parents of young children seem to be hearing about the dangers of head lice. While head lice don’t actually spread disease, these creatures have a nasty habit of causing all kinds of annoyances and frustrations amongst parents and children alike. They cause itchiness and red bumps on a person’s scalp, but they also tend to cause you to miss work in order to treat your child’s head lice situation.

Before you can think about treatments though, it is important that you understand head lice and their behavior. This will give you a much-needed edge against head lice and learning how to defeat them. By understanding their biology and behavior, you will be able to find a more effective treatment that will work quickly so that you and your child can get back to your normal lives.

Know Your Enemy

Head lice are small, parasitic insects that live and feed on the scalps of humans. The adult female lice lay eggs, or nits, on the shafts of a person’s head that blend into the surrounding hair. This makes them extremely difficult to see and remove.

The truth about lice is that it generally only spreads through direct head-to-head contact, and sometimes indirectly through contact with infested hats, clothes, etc. Lice cannot fly or jump, but they can crawl. They also have tiny claws that are useful in attaching themselves to hair shafts, which is why people with longer hair tend to be more susceptible. Head lice are also specific to humans, so contrary to popular belief, you cannot get lice simply by having a pet. Lice also do not carry diseases or infections. They simply feed on the blood in the scalp of human beings.

It is important to understand these characteristics of lice so you can better prepare yourself for when and if your child contracts lice.

Treatment for Lice

If you discover lice in your child’s head, don’t panic. There are many treatment options available to you, depending on what best suits your and your child’s needs. There are over-the-counter medical shampoos and conditioners, prescription treatments, and natural lice treatments that can help get rid of your child’s lice safely and effectively. However, some of these options are better than others, so it is important to understand the different treatment options before you commit to one.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

There are over-the-counter treatments for lice that often use pesticides and neurotoxins in order to kill the lice and make them easier to remove from the child’s head. However, over time, lice have become somewhat immune to these chemicals, so they are no longer effective in helping to rid your child of lice. They also contain harsh chemicals that are not good for your child to be exposed to for long periods of time. Is it really worth exposing your child to harmful chemicals if the treatment doesn’t even work on the first try?

Prescription Lice Treatments

In some cases, doctors may recommend prescription treatments for head lice. These treatments contain even more chemicals than the over-the-counter treatments. While they are more effective than the over-the-counter ones, these treatments will expose your child to even more harsh chemicals, and could lead to complications later on in life. It is important to find other options in order to protect your child from harsh chemicals.

ClearLice: Get Rid of Lice Naturally

There are many natural treatments available that allow you to remove lice from your child’s head in a safe and effective manner. Some people swear by the mayonnaise trick, and others use oils in order to safely remove lice from a child’s hair, but those methods are often extremely time-consuming and gross.

Because of the ineffectiveness of chemical treatments, many companies have devoted research to developing natural products that get rid of lice. ClearLice is result of one such company’s progress. ClearLice is a line of safe and natural lice removal products to help bridge the gap between dangerous and disgusting.

ClearLice is a line of lice removal products that works to make your child lice-free quickly, painlessly, and effectively. ClearLice offers peppermint-scented shampoos and conditioners that are naturally SLS and pesticide-free. They use natural enzymes in order to breakdown lice and make them easier to remove. ClearLice also contains laundry detergents and household cleaners that can help to eliminate the even miniscule risk of contracting lice via indirect sources.

No one wants to have to deal with a child with head lice. Over-the-counter and prescription treatments are often too harsh and too unpredictable for good results. ClearLice is the natural way to remove lice from your child’s head. It is safe. It is fast. It is effective. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free by tomorrow!



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