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The Business Coaching Foundation have been providing business coaching and training courses for over 20 years to individuals and companies of all sizes and industries. Whilst training courses used to be the only available method of developing and increasing the abilities of staff members, there has been a growing shift recently towards business coaching as there are numerous advantages of coaching over training courses. This is not to say by any means that traditional training courses do not have a role to play in 21st century employee development; far from it in fact, as corporate coaching is actually most effective of all when combined with training courses which refresh existing knowledge and teach new information. However, business coaching is increasing in popularity as its benefits are recognized and this recognition becomes more widespread.


With a range of options available, the Business Coaching Foundation will be able to assist you or your company to better achieve goals and be more successful in what you do. Whether it is one-to-one coaching sessions, ILM accredited qualifications to enable someone to provide effective coaching, or bespoke sessions for improving team working and cooperation, the Business Coaching Foundation can help.


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