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AK Gas and Plumbing is a Brisbane based Plumbing and Gas fitting company specializing in new residential, commercial and general plumbing projects. Founder of AK Gas and Plumbing, Cameron Anderson, was inspired to start a business providing a diverse array of plumbing and gas fitting services after he was exposed to numerous specializations throughout his three years as a trade apprentice.
In 1997, Cameron completed a prevocational training course, and finished his training in 2000. In 2002, Cameron obtained his plumbing contractors license, and launched his business under the name of Allkind Gas and Plumbing. A change of direction encouraged Cameron to change the name to AK Gas and Plumbing in 2010.
Over the past 16 years of operation, Cameron and the team at AK Gas and Plumbing have completed thousands of new residential and commercial projects, as well as innumerable general plumbing and gas fitting repairs throughout the greater Brisbane region.
Below is a list of our many services
Annual testing
Bathroom renovations
Drains repairs
Drains surveys
Fixtures installation
Shower problems
Sink blockages
General plumbing maintenance
Jet blasting
Leaks fixed
Line location
Testing, repairs & servicing
Sewer location
Toilet repairs
Water filtering, water lines
CCTV drain inspections
Hot water system not working
Toilet not flushing

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Country: Australia
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