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Airepure is a Victorian based company supplying air purification and filtration solutions and filtration consumables. Founded in 1998, Airepure now has offices in all the major Australian cities.
Airepure air purification systems cover a variety of industries, including:
Environmental – air filtration and wet scrubber technologies that prevent airborne chemical release and control odours from waste water.
Health and health Science – ultra-clean air filtration to HEPA standard, NATA certification services and laboratory process fume exhaust solutions for Hospitals and Medical centres.
Industrial – Airepure supply factories and warehouses with air filtration and wet scrubber technologies to control dust, smoke, odour and airborne chemical release. A range of products is supplied, including Purafil gas phase air filtration, Strobic Air Tri-Stack building exhaust systems, Bio Reaction Systems and Airepure air filters. Airepure can supply a system to meet any applicable Australian Standard.
Commercial – Airepure has supplied air purification systems for Office and Retail Buildings, Hotels / Motels , Entertainment and Recreation Buildings including Casinos, Restaurants, Sports Facilities, Educational Buildings including Schools, Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries (Archiving & Preservation), Institutional Buildings such as Prisons and Barracks, Emergency Service Stations (Police, Fire and Ambulance) and High Density Residential Buildings.
Pharmaceutical – HEPA standard air filtration and fume exhaust purification systems to all applicable Australian standards.

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