5 Things You Need to Do to Start a Career in Charity

5 Things You Need to Do to Start a Career in Charity

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In today’s world, where kids are taught to think about themselves before anyone else, finding a young group of people with enthusiasm to contribute to the society through charity is nothing less than hitting the jackpot. While various non-profit organizations are fighting against the social evils like malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty, the orgainzations need more participation from the citizens.

If you belong to the group of rare individuals who desire to join hands with the NGOs, NPOs or other charitable entities to make a contribution to the society, you should know that starting your career in charity is not as easy as it looks, especially when you have just graduated. Charitable organizations are usually in search of volunteers, but if you want to build your career in this sector, you need to consider the following things:

  1.   Check if your motives are in the right place:

Simply ask yourself what is the reason for your willingness to join charity work, and if there are any other ways to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Whether you realize or not, there are multiple ways to contribute to the society. If you want to support a good cause, you can do that without even joining the charity sector. You can join the public sector and serve the people focusing on the same cause.

In fact, you can still do the charity work after finishing your working hours in a different sector. Alternatively, you can work in a different profession for now and then, join the charity works after a certain age. There’s a number of ways in which you can serve your goal. So, see whether you genuinely want to join the charity sector or just want to fulfill the goal, no matter what process it takes. Since it is about your career, you need to see if your motives are right.

  1.   Understand the nature of various charity jobs:

Charity works vary in terms of their impact on the society. Some charities focus on the local issues, while some addresses the national or even the global issues like racism, malnourishment of children, global warming and much more. In fact, the role of an individual in charity sector can be more than just a volunteer. There are also departments like fundraising, financial management, IT, public relations and several others where you can get start your career.

You should choose a department where you can be a professional. Perhaps choosing a department that complements your academic knowledge and skills will be a better thing to pursue if you are aiming for a long run. You need to look out for all the vacancies and employment opportunities in this particular sector. Registering yourself in the job hunting websites or keeping a tab on the job openings may help you with your job search.

  1.      Use your network properly:

Getting a break in any professional sector becomes a little easier when you have a connection in the particular sector. Charity professions are no exception. If you know a person who works in the charitable sector, or if you know someone who knows someone from the charity sector, use that connection to gain insights about the recruitment process in the sector.

Maintain a better relationship with your networks and let them know that you have interest in pursuing a job in the charity sector. You can take their advice on how to approach the job and take time to let them know how much you appreciate their input. If you maintain a good relationship with such people, they may remember your request when they hear about any vacancy in the sector and get in touch with you about the new opening.

  1.   Get some work experience with a charity:

It is important to get started with something instead of waiting for a significant opportunity. If your goal is to join a multinational organization that operates alongside UN, that may not happen in one day. You need to gather experience in order to get such high-profile job. Do your research on the internet to shortlist the organizations that are approachable. Locate them and approach them directly.

Even if they don’t have a permanent job to offer, take the job of a volunteer and work there for a limited period of time to observe the work process and gain some work experience. That may also increase your contacts in the field. There are several charities that help underprivileged students with free tuitions. You can join such group and offer support to the students who are requesting “help me do my homework”.

If you are making an approach to an organization, ask everything that you need to know about charity professions. Ask about the recruitment procedure and the time when they usually recruit volunteers for charity work. Also, ask them how you can send your application for a suitable job in their organization. It is possible that the person you are asking may not know anything about the recruitment process. So ask him/her who can answer your questions and how you can contact them for the necessary details.

  1.      Start with a charity fundraising:

Fundraising is one of the areas in charity sector where you can start your career as a charity professional. This area often offers decent entry-level opportunities and does not always require a degree to enter. Some opportunities may be tailored for people with a degree in business-related courses to carry out the marketing and related activities.

However, getting an entry in charity fundraising won’t be as easy as you think. For obvious reasons, you need a certain amount of experience in the sector. Undoubtedly, fundraising can be an excellent start to your career. However, the organizations don’t usually delegate the crucial tasks to inexperienced professionals.

Once you gather enough experience volunteering in the field, you may get a shot to work at a fundraiser. And once you manage to get an opportunity in such events, it can put your career in a different gear. Some charities even run internships. You can start your journey there as well.

Getting a perfect job in even in the charity sector is not an easy piece of cake. You need to put in a lot of efforts to make sure you are worthy enough for the job, just the other sectors function around the world. However, once you get to the desired position, there’s nothing more fulfilling experience than doing charity. This will not only provide you with the opportunity to contribute to the society but will also offer a sense of fulfillment that no other job can offer.

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