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“HEALTH LINE, the brand refers to product line of Imported fitness equipments for Home and Club/Gym use. Our product range include Commercial Motorized Treadmill, Redon Commercial Motorized Treadmill, Strength Machines – KOBRA Series, Seated Chest Press Machine, Peck Deck With Rear Delt, Lat Pulldown Machine, Shoulder Press Machine, Seated Rowing Machine, Multi Station Cable Crossover, Seated Leg Curl, 45 Degree Leg Press, Abdominal Crunch Machine, Hyperextension Bench For Lower Back, Inner Thigh Machine, Weight Plate Rack
In order to meet up the quality standards and customer Satisfaction HEALTH LINE is associated with famous brands like REDON, the worlds best Korean Commercial Treadmills, MERCK, the commercial cross trainers for Gym and KOBRA (Health Line) – the hardcore commercial strength series .”

About the author:

GP Singh

Health-line introduces fitness equipments in delhi which is designed in collaboration with professional exercise experts, professional body builders, health and fitness consultants.


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