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Payroll and Bookkeeping Quality offsite bookkeeping for Australian businesses at a significant saving! *Fixed fees *Lowest fees Professional, Accurate, Economical payroll outsourcing services Payroll Outsourcing Services Qualified accountants and bookkeepers will complete all your reporting requirements and help you manage your business effectively and economically. Accurate, tailored solutions for your business! *Accurate *Cost-effective-save up to 50% over onsite methods! *Time effective-our qualified specialists ensure your requirements are met on time, every time. *BAS, IAS, PAYG *National Institute of Accountants Call us today 1300 629 454 Choosing A Payroll System The payroll process is complex. There are many solutions to the problem of undertaking accurate and efficient payroll management. A company needs to keep its staff happy, and to do this it needs to pay the employees on time, and the amount to which they are entitled. Further, disparate entitlements, bonuses, superannuation and leave entitlements also need to be managed, along with a myriad of other issues that must be dealt with. Challenges In Company Payroll Finding a payroll system that delivers on all aspects of the payroll that a company must deal with is difficult. There are many software systems which purport to handle this complex area efficiently, but the problem for companies is trying to determine which one best suits their requirements. Some considerations which need to be addressed include: -is the system able to handle both predictable and unpredictable items? -is it able to enable forecasting within each of the business units? -the system may need to deal with large numbers of accounts and to be able to record, integrate and report on the effects of individual transactions. -employee roles may be very diverse, spread across different geographic locations, and with a complexity of employment agreements, which could create problems with payroll management. -will overall savings be made by converting an existing system to a potentially more suitable one, as compared to the cost of upgrading? -overseas programmes may not manage Australian leave management, under Australian awards and legislation, as accurately as on-shore systems. -will internal and external IT specialists be required to implement and manage the system, thereby adding to the cost? -is the staff able to access and answer queries regarding their entitlements on-line, thereby reducing the workload of accounting staff? -is it able to accurately predict the effect on the business’ budget of any employee-related changes? Thus, the software must be flexible and responsive to changing demands, and deliver within the expectations of each company. It can be very difficult for a business to fully gauge the flexibility and functionality of a software system without purchasing and implementing it. A payroll system needs to be both cost-efficient and offer excellent support. This is not always the case. A quality outsourced payroll service, though, has access to various systems, with trained and qualified staff. It has the ability to match the system to each company, and therefore to offer a cost-effective alternative for companies




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